The seller is Bev Smith. Her business is the manufacture and selling of uniquely designed quality wooden deckchairs and associated products. Her Sole Trader Business is called BevsChairs


The Buyer is you, the customer, the person(s) who purchase(s) the goods from Bev


The goods or product are as described for each (of the) product(s) listed on this website


Once ordered, payment, in NZ dollars, is required before goods are freighted, delivered or picked up

“Payment Method”

BevsChairs uses Payment Express to process all online payments.  Payment Express have a dedicated and purpose-built development and data centre, specially designed for payments processing. Payment Express have invested and continue to re-invest in state of the art, bank grade security and infrastructure, and are fully certified as Visa AIS and MasterCard SDP (PCI DSS) compliant at processor level; using an approved QSA for quarterly scans on systems and full onsite audits, annually. All sensitive information is encrypted with the 3DES protocol, using financial Hardware Security Modules.  


GST is not applied to these products as yet. Bev runs a small hobby business and operates under the Sole Trader Business name of BevsChairs and is below the threshold that IRD requires to charge GST at this point of time.

“New Zealand Freight”

Bev uses, wherever possible, Fastway Couriers to freight her goods safely to you the NZ buyer. This is a door to door service. At the point of ordering, through this website, the Buyer needs to stipulate where they want the goods left or if a signature is required.

Note: Two of the products (Deluxe Lounger and Broad Deluxe Lounger) fall just outside the 25kg volume weight that Fastway Couriers deliver…. For these orders, Bevs will charge you on the maximum of 25kg cubic size  but arranges freight through an alternative company and clearly communicates any different arrangements including covering the extra cost.

“Overseas Freight”

Bev does have the capability to export overseas…. however not through this website. Overseas buyers will need to contact Bev (via email) and obtain a quote including the cost of Shipping. Bev uses a NZ Shipping Broker to get the best deal.  Payment will be required up-front in New Zealand Dollars via a bank draft before goods will be released.


Bev uses sturdy boxing (and/or bubble wrap/scrunched paper if required) to maximise your goods getting to you in top condition. Generally, each individual item as listed on the website, is packaged separately to ensure that goods do not “rub” against other items in transit and therefore damage your product.

“Delivery Times”

If the website indicates that the goods are in stock, Bev will endeavour to process and pack your goods on the following Monday or Tuesday, after you order, to get the goods to you by the end of that week. However, if there is a delay due to high demand, other commitments for Bev, or some other event that might look to hold up this process, then she will contact you to update you. If you require your goods urgently, please contact Bev via email to negotiate on how we can make this happen. Once the goods leave Bev, they are then the responsibility of the Courier Company until they arrive at your destination, then they are the responsibility of you, the Buyer.

“Damage to Goods”

In the rare event that your goods don’t arrive, then immediately contact Bev. Or, if your goods arrive damaged, then take photos and keep the packaging and immediately contact Bev. Bev will work with the buyer to track down or forward a damage claim through the courier company using the tracking label number.

“1-year Warranty”

All items in the ‘BevsChairs’ collection come with a 12 month warranty for domestic New Zealand customers. Because the chairs are built to last, Bev stands behind all of the products that are made and sold.

Bev makes her product to last. Flaws or damage of the wood or fabric is incredibly rare. However, if any problem does arise that you are not happy about, firstly take photos if you can.  Then read again the warranty conditions below regarding normal wear and tear, commercial use etc and check that you indeed have a problem. Then contact Bev. If it appears to be a manufacturing fault, it may be as small a job as sending you a replacement component or similar. If it is a more serious or larger problem and cannot be fixed easily as in the latter example, then Bev will arrange for a replacement to customers in New Zealand.

Warranty Conditions: The warranty applies for 12 months from the date of purchase to manufacturing faults and defects to the timber frame. The timber is warranted against splitting, provided the item has not been scratched or abraded. Proof of purchase with date is required for warranty claims.

Warranty Exclusions: Fading due to prolonged weather exposure to the timber frame and seat sling fabric or damage to the timber frame and seat sling through accident, misuse or negligence. The chairs are designed for domestic use and the warranty does not apply to commercial applications. Recommended weight limit for the Deluxe Deckchair and Deluxe Lounger Deckchair is 120kg. Recommended weight limit for the Broad Deluxe Deckchair and Broad Deluxe Lounger Deckchair, adapted for increased width, is 150kg.


We will only contact you in order to fulfil your enquiry. We retain your records for warranty purposes and at times for marketing purposes (but only with your permission). Your information will not be passed onto any third party for any other reason.

“New Zealand Returns”

Please choose your product carefully as Bev will not accept returns unless it is a manufacturing fault or failure as outlined under her warranty. Descriptions of Products are clearly described on each Product Page to ensure you understand the product and its appropriate use.

“Overseas Returns”

Bev is unable to accept overseas Returns or Refunds due to the cost of taxes and freight coming back into New Zealand